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    2 years ago

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


First day with both child and husband not in the house.  I used that time to go to the nail salon and get them painted.  I will see about taking some pictures tomorrow to see if you like what I did with them.  With that, they are ready for pictures with my husband.  Given that the majority of you voted for the strap on, this could take a while - or not.  It really depends on my mood.  I am awakened sexually and now needing a way to use it.  He came home for lunch today but got stuck on the phone half of the time he was here.  What little time we had together, we had something to eat and then he fixed a problem on the computer.  As he did this, I had him stand (fully clothed) at the table and work on things while I proceeded to tease him by rubbing his caged cock and then reaching for his nipples.  I was able to find his balls as well.  After a brief tease, I let him go on his way.

Additionally, a reader of this blog has turned me on to a few female supremacy sites.  One is Lady Misato.  The other is  As I have time, I will explore the sites to see what I can learn as it relates to advancing the relationship.  In general, they have some good ideas for getting your husband deeper into things.  As I try things, I will keep you all informed of our progress.  The funny thing that I noticed with both is that they don't involve cock cages.  To me, that is a great way to remind the men of your control when they are away from you.

We have started eating in a more calorie aware way.  Next thing is to increase exercise.  With all of that, I might be a little less camera shy as well as who knows what else.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for leaving the comment here but this is in reference to your survey question.

Instead of allowing him to cum on your feet you can also use a small offering bowl for him to use.

When I am turned on and he has been kissing and worshiping me. I enjoy giving him the privilege of my ass.

My husband is usually brought to his knees and masturbating furiously while he eagerly kisses and worships my ass. He knows he is not allowed to touch but only kiss. He is not allowed to lick either unless I spread my ass for him to lap at my asshole. I usually let him because it feels so good. He's disappointed if I don't give him the opportunity.

I like to slowly walk to the vanity mirror and purfume myself or brush my hair while he trails behind crawling on his knees kissing my ass.

He likes to masturbate into his offering bowl and hold it up to me. I usually drink it because I love to see the look in his eyes. He is so delighted that I am taking his cum. It is a very intimate momment. He is so eager and delighted to worship me and I am delighted to take his little offering. It's the least I can do

On occasion I like to look at it and tell him it's not enough. He knows what to do with his humble offering then.

KeyholderWife said...

That is a good idea except for one thing - I don't let him touch himself ever. I am the only one who can touch it. It is mine. I have removed masturbation from his life.

As for me drinking it, I think him doing it would be better although I am not that into the recycling ideas. They sound good but when the moment occurs, for some reason I don't have him do that.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I like that idea. I think I will manage my male that way for now on. That is to say, not letting him masturbate to me.

I will try that but it will take some conditioning for sure. Do either of you have any ideas on how to punish him without having to continually bend down to his level and slap his hand away?

Perhaps a remote controlled shock collar around his balls or a leash around his balls that I can simply tug on to get him to stop. I've tried to get him to stop before and his penis drips from precum like syrup. That is the longest he has gone and even then was so overcome by me that he ejaculated at my feet.

I told him to clean it up and to not let it happen again.

Eventually I gave up training my male not to touch it. I've never thought about rope or even handcuffs! I suppose I will have to bound his hands because he simply can't help himself. He does know that males are for utility and to serve and please females and that females are valuable by ourselves.

I keep him in shape and drop him off at the gym before work to maintain his muscles but getting him to stop masturbating at my feet has been a whole different story.

I didn't realize females were so dominant and powerful. Well, I did but my husband and I have never revealed the truth of this until recently. Becoming sexually dominant is something new to me.

I'm not sure why male adoration of us is so hidden in society. I guess it could be viewed as a form of oppression and I suppose at times it is and certainly can be.