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    2 years ago

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Things to Do...

Well, my diet is starting in a serious way in 48 hours.  Hubby has been doing his and the results are obvious already.  He is also horny again after only a few days and has asked twice if I'd let him out for a little loose time this weekend.  Honestly, he is pushing it too much.  I want him to be focused on losing the weight for now and not thinking about that thing between his legs.  I think as he loses weight, his libido is going up.  It probably doesn't help that I tease him a little all the time.

I was looking at my feet today and remembered that I owe you new pictures.  They are 100% back to sexy.   My feet on his caged cock is an easy picture.  I will probably do that Monday if he stops by for lunch.  As for letting him cum on my toes and cleaning it up by tongue bath, I think we should wait on that - don't you?  I'm happy to hear the arguments both sides on here.  I'm willing to reconsider if there is a good reason to.

Oh, we have an anniversary in about three weeks.  I think he should wait for that and then, if he makes me feel special, maybe I would let him out.  Part of me thinks that I should make him wait until he loses all the weight.  Isn't that what the strap-ons are for?

Here is a rare video from a favorite group - Crazy P aka Crazy Penis.

1 comment:

Weave said...

Good for him to be focused on his diet.
But I think if he's obviously horny, perhaps he'd be willing to go for a foot-job cleanup. I'd barter with him, if I were you! :)