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Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Watersport Remembered

Since people liked yesterday's post and since almost nothing happened today, I will share another experience with you here.   The quick version on today is that he is horny, wants attention and I squeezed his tit very hard.  Not much of a day.

Is Apple sponsoring these?
Going back over ten years, one time I was trying to get him to be a big baby to me.  I kept him in a diaper.  I wanted to pamper him and put powder on him.  The thing was that he just couldn't do it and when he finally did, it was WAY too much for the diaper.  So this wasn't going to work.

Next I tried tying him up and playing with him as his bladder filled from a lot of liquid he had.  Eventually, he was begging to pee.  So I retied his hands behind him and led him to the bathroom.  I would be his hands.  So as he tried to relax to go, I did some gentle stroking.  I stood behind him waiting in fascination to see him pee as if it were my cock.  I got excited doing this.  I kept telling him to go but he couldn't.  I kept stroking him too.  He said that he couldn't go if I was doing that.  Now if I had to go and I was getting pleasure, I would just concentrate and experience both.   He couldn't so I gave him maybe thirty seconds without touches.  Still nothing.  So I started again.  He seemed to be in agony but his body told me it was a good agony.  I mean if it really hurt, wouldn't his cock go soft?  Anyhow, I finally laid him down in the very cold tub and positioned his butt higher so that as he went, whenever that was, he would pee all over himself.  I didn't want a mess in the whole bathroom.  So I did this for a little longer and he was squirming bad.  I was so fascinated to see what would happen.  Eventually, I slowed the strokes and just held his cock and balls.  Eventually a spurt of pee came out but not that much.  The idea of peeing on himself was hard on him too as he had never done any of this, my innocent little boy.

Well, I started running the water for him and that seemed to help.  He started a trickle of pee before he let go and shot all over his body including his face.  Such a hot scene that I never did again with him.  I think it was because I got pregnant not long after that and all of these games stopped for almost 10 years.  Maybe it was because I thought a mother shouldn't do these things.  I'm not sure.  In any event, this is something I have been opening up to over the years.  Maybe now is when I let the inner me out before I'm too old to try all these things.

Okay, that turned into a psychiatrist's couch post that I could NEVER say to him.  Well, thank you for your interest and those who chat with me on these things.  You are like my faceless friends where I can say things I could never say to most of the friends I currently have. 

I'm curious - do you like me posting music at the bottom of posts? I like electronica and techno.  This isn't one of my favorite songs but I think a number of you will enjoy the voyeurism of the video.


ChasteBoy said...

wow! Super hot story! Wonderfully written, and I kinda lost myself in it, imagining myself and my own Mommy in it. :D

Anonymous said... hot! I love the idea of being forced into pee desperation like that! Ah, to dream!
Nice music, yes....