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Monday, January 24, 2011

Monster Erupts

Before I start posting, I think I figured out a fun idea for the readers.  Click on the Youtube music below as you read.  Between myself and my husband, we know lots of music that you might not know.  We like very little mainstream music so hopefully you will here something that you like.  It will also be music to read to.  Very civilised, no?  An upside, as he told me, is that you can stumble across our blogs because of the music.  In that way, you can share the concept with your women.  You were exploring music and found Female Led Relationships.  What a bonus!

Just a quick post.  I don't know if you saw my husband's side of the blog but I let him have an orgasm before he needed to go back in the cage.  He seemed so desperate and he has been very good to me and my child and I thought I would give him a reward.  It didn't take much at all.  I think maybe a minute and he was exploding.  It was huge.   All over his stomach and a shot to the chest.  Just a mess.  My hands were clean as he only needed two fingers and sixty seconds to get him to lose it.  Given that he has been so good and that I had a sick kid in the next room, I didn't think consuming it was needed this morning.

For the rest of the day, I was dealing with a sick kid.  Doctors office, the hospital and five hours later, we were home.  She has a fever that won't quit despite medicine.  It's under control but as a mother, you never want that for your baby.

Okay, here is today's music.  My husband found it so don't blame me.  It is very silly by the lead singer of B-52s and it is called "Monster".  I don't like it but he thought it works so here you go...


Anonymous said...

Your posts are wonderful and are definietely read by a large audience. We don't know how you find the time to always have a new post and updates.

Just a suggestion. Only because you have so many followers, we were wondering how others conduct their WLM or FLM? Would it be possible for you to only throw out a question from time to time and let your readers respond? Questions like, does yoour wife make you wear panties 24/7? What household duties has your wife assigned to you? Does your wife punish you for bad behavior, not being attentive, poor housework, or does she administer regular punishments? How does she administer the punishments? Does she keep you horny through orgasm denial? How often does she grant you the priviledge of cumming?

It would be interesting to hear from your thousands of readers on how they do things. We can all pick up some new ideas.

Thanks so very much for all of your time consuming and hard work.

KeyholderWife said...

This is a good idea.

As for how I find time, I don't work other than trying to keep the house in order - which is a full time job.