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    3 years ago

Friday, January 7, 2011

Dinner Party Idea

Another fun fantasy of mine is to have a dinner party where all the women are dressed up and the men, well, they are wearing very little.  My husband could be in the kitchen with only a smock.  Another could be the waiter wearing only the bowtie.  If it is three couples, the third gives foot rubs as we chat.  How fun would that be? 

I think it would have to start with a cocktail and chat hour.  Hors d'eouvres served.  Champagne flowing.  The men serving us.  My husband slaving away in the kitchen.  After a bit of that, he brings out the plates and serves us.  It should probably be multiple courses of small portions.  A different wine for each dish.  After that, the women retire to lounge while the men clean up.  We are served desert and coffee. 

At this point, it seems like a good time for some performance art.  What to have them do?  Sing and dance?  No as men can't dance.  I'm not sure what we would do then.  Anyone have ideas?  Maybe the desert is served on them in the way Japanese men use a naked woman for sushi.   One of them could be shrink wrapped for sanitary reasons and we could place the different tastes all over him.  Looking at this picture though, a banana leaf cut up could do the same thing.   Have a few dipping sauces on there too - some whipped creme, melted caramel...maybe a fondue.  What a mess we'd make!

I will need to think about this one a little more.

PS: My husband thought of a fun Halloween Party - have the men go as the women and the women go as the men and do their best to stay in the character of their partner.  Doesn't that sound hilarious?


ChasteBoy said...

I think the mix of having to dress feminine while attempting to act like the dominant partner would definitely be a mindfuck for most boys!

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of your CFNM party and I hope you do it. The men should all be locked up and protected so that it's safe for polite company, i.e., no unfortunate erections.

As you say, the men should act as servants the whole time and when not attending to filling drinking, cooking hors d'oevres, cleaning the kitchen, they should be at their ladies' feet. Probably you should get collars for them and attach them to leashes when they are resting at your feet.

Activities could include public spankings, public shavings and washings. You could have two of the boys put on a show by using dildos on each other while they remain in their protectors. The possibilities seem endless. Go for it!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea!! Would love to help, lol! :)
I think dancing is required... shrink wrap is good for the serving!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he really wants to crossdress. Maybe you should explore that avenue.

ahumanishere said...

A suggestion is to think of all the rituals women perform each day simply because our patriarchal culture expects them to. Such as personal grooming. Women are expected to shave their legs, armpits, make sure they don't have VPLs, wear hose worry about hairstyles and makeup. What if you decided to have your husband share these daily rituals on a daily basis. Make it so it becomes second-nature to him. Imagine how his daily thought process would change if he had to always think ahead about incorporating shaving his legs and armpits and making sure he had pantyhose and suitable panties to wear under his clothes that wouldn't show. Choosing a hairstyle that that requires real effort on his part. Get him pretty aprons to use when he cooks or is doing housework. If you like the idea of him wearing panties you want him to invest in real good ones that require a lot of care and need to be handwashed.

Just some thoughts...


Anonymous said...

liking the idea of haveing then at feet under the table on leashes, maybe the girls could switch places or pass the leashes around :-)