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    3 years ago

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Resolutions.  So easy to make.  Now is the time to keep them.  What are mine?  Well, I got out of shape in 2010.  I will take off that weight and get back into the shape that I was in not only two years ago but hopefully to wear I was ten years ago.  I want to travel and see family in Europe.  I want to continue on this sexual awakening that my husband and I are on.  I need to get my child a little less dependent on us and stronger on her own. 

I let my husband out of the chastity cage for New Year's Eve.  It goes back on this morning.  He is way too horny to leave uncaged and I love it when he is in this condition.  I did a little tease this early morning of him.  Only touched his nipples, nothing lower.  I know he wanted more but he will need to wait. 

I'm hoping that we can turn this personal blog into a bit of a community this year.  I've met so many nice people that I would like you to know each other.  Oh, I hope my husband really makes that new chastity cage.  If not, I will need to think about getting something that is more secure and less prone to breaking. 

My real hope is that the economy gets better and we all have less worries on the job/money front.  The last few years have been hard for many of us and a little bit easier would be nice.  I truly hope that you and everyone deserving get a few of their dreams and prayers answered.  Remember, none of those things will happen without you trying to make them so.  If you have a desire, don't just long for it, try and make it real.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you as well! And wishing you continued good luck on your journey together!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!
Hoping to chat more this year. I made progress with WLM last year, and hope to move forward further myself. Thanks!