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    3 years ago

Sunday, January 2, 2011

First of the Year

I'm sure more than a few of you are disappointed that I let my husband have an orgasm in the way men and women often do.  While it didn't surprise me, his endurance was pretty low.  I told him all along to hold off so he seemed to not have the more fulfilling of orgasms although I know he enjoyed the release. 

I still plan on using the strap on and the foot one.  I'm not going to discuss specifics - my husband's blog has enough of that for those who want to know.  I did do a bit of control with him as we did things though - no kisses, massages, etc.  That just seemed to make him even more desperate to do things. 

I had hoped to do more over the holiday break but life got in the way.  Given all of the hard work my husband has done today organizing the garage and storage area, I don't think his attentions will slip because I gave him a little attention to start the New Year.

Here is a question to you subs - if you get very little usage for month, is there anyway for you to last like someone who is getting more attention?  I'd be curious if anyone has developed that much self control. 


Anonymous said...

Ma'am, "there ain't no such thing as a free lunch." If the idea is to delay satisfaction for him, the cost is less ability to hang back when the time comes (no pun intended). If your husband tends toward being quick on the trigger, denying for periods of time doesn't result in slowing down when the trigger is finally pulled. Rather, more frequent "attention" may cause a lessening of the quick-trigger in later "firings." I'm not saying don't engage in chastity-tease-deny, he belongs to you and that is purely your decision, and it would never be my place to second-guess a Lady. But even your status as a Lady can't always overcome biology..

mikecb said...

I can think of several solutions. Some people use numbing cream. You could try one or two condoms layered on, to deaden sensation. Or, you could simply assume he won't last on the first "shot" and bring him off quickly with masturbation or a ruined orgasm. Then, see if he lasts longer on a second orgasm. There doesn't have to be a rule that says he only gets one orgasm per release.

Tom Allen said...

I may have left a similar comment on your husband's blog a while back (can't remember), but we've had some success with my wife using a vibrator on me while still caged; the slightly ruined orgasm is just enough to keep my interest aroused (and my composure) for later on.

bootboy said...

this boy has used a few things such as numbing cream, multiple condoms, even electrical tape under a condom so that he could hardly feel a thing. cock rings or straps keep him quite hard even given the lack of sensation.