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    2 years ago

Monday, January 3, 2011

I Want More

You know, getting a little sex makes me want more.  Due to the holidays, that was one thing I wasn't getting either.  After Saturday, I want more but now I can't get it.  He is now working so he is away during the day.  Doing it alone is not the same.   As of tomorrow, our child is back at school and I want more.  We will see if he can come home for "lunch".   I think the thing we need to use is the strap-on but of him on me.  I think it is too soon to give him a second orgasm but the feeling of a cock is so mmm!  I know he would disagree with the too soon comment but that is why I am the one in charge.

Last night was interesting.  He had fixed the CB-6000 and put it back on.  He used a slightly smaller ring and struggled most of the night with the tighter size.  Finally around 4:30am, I got the key for him.  I find it amazing that just a little bit tighter caused him all sorts of problems and pain.   I've told him to write about it on his side of the blog.

That's it for now.  I know I owe you all some pictures.  We will do something soon.   As the strap on choice won, that is probably what will be done first.  Looking at the time to orgasm, I am sure that he is hoping that I don't listen to the poll.  We will see.

1 comment:

dos said...

Been thinking about the last poll & its results. Also about your surprise that cuckolding was so popular a choice . . . .

This is not an expression of my personal viewpoint, but your need for more sex & the challenges it presents is perhaps in its own way an affirmation of so many that a step be taken in the future towards 'cuckolding' sub hubby

This would, of course have a twofold effect on the evolution of your femdom marriage in that [1] your sexual needs would be met whenever you wished them to be [not unreasonable?] & [2] your control over sub hubby would be taken [in his cuck humiliation] to a higher level.

Just some random thoughts. Thanks for allowing us to share in your femdom journey