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    2 years ago

Monday, January 10, 2011


I just read my husband's post.  For the record, I am dictating this to him for publishing.  It is so nice to have a fast typing husband who can do this for me.  Anyway, the thing I want to say is that I want attention as much or more than him but I am not going to do a rush job.  When he is thinking work, he attentions are just not as strong as they need to be and I do not want to start something that he can't finish for a number of reasons including work.  I do not want to be competing with the clock or a cell phone call.  I want him to be all mine and I want his attentions all on me.  That seems fair, no?  Also, he has no business asking to be let out of the cage for any reason.  I will let him out when I want to. 

Right now,  I am focused on getting our child to not come into our bedroom just now.  I have no idea how long that will take but that will help quite a bit.  He may find he has a few sleepy days once we solve this problem. 

As for my anniversary present, I want an iPad but money is probably not there for it as he keeps repeating.  So what shall we do?  Looking it up in the guides, the tenth year used to be tin or aluminum.  He'd better not do that - unless of course it is the iPad - that is aluminum, yes?  The modern version is diamonds.  That is nice too but not likely given the difficulty of last year.

On other things, I have all of these guys online who want me to Domme them or bring them into my home or have a fling that my husband doesn't know about.  What to say about all of this?  First, if you have read my blog, a fling is not my thing.  Where is the pleasure for me in Domming a bunch of married guys who won't tell their wife's what they want?  That flies in the face of what I say everyday.  For the ladies reading this who have uncaged husband's, this is a great reminder that men with go to many lengths to live out their fantasies but not expose themself to you for fear of ridicule.  Here is how to solve that.  Play with their cock.  Get them good and excited.  Then start asking them for their deep, dark fantasies.  Probe deep.  Don't be satisfied with an answer that they think you will find okay.  Ask questions.  If they hold back, slow the play.  If they give good answers, keep playing.  You might just get the truth.

Anyhow for all of these cyberguys, some are very interesting to talk to who I learn a lot from - others are a challenge and wear me out.   When you approach someone with as much online content as me - read it.  Don't waste our time with what you want.  Think about who you are approaching and try to cater to them - not you.


mistressasia said...

First let me say I do enjoy reading your posts. It has inspired me to blog on our life as a Femdom couple. I also agree that having your other locked does keep them focused on you and I highly recommend it. As for the IPad, if you can get it...DO. I love mine!

Anonymous said...

As a man I understand the need for my wife to control my penis and balls. It is important to me that she have the ability to lead me by it when necessary.

It's not so much a dominant or submissive thing as it is a fact that I can not control myself when she is not around. I can't always wait for her but want to very badly. I find myself masturbating to her used panties and I don't want to.

I know it sounds crazy but I want my penis to be hers. I want her to own it and control when I am able to give my seed because my seed is hers in entirety. I am HER MALE.

I know in my heart and it's very embarrassing to say this but males are meant to be useful to females. I want to be of use to her. She rarely needs my muscles for anything. She is educated and does not need me to work and gather enough resources or anything else.

I know that the men that are not of use to females and do not please them will not get to mate. I mean I know this because of chastity.

Most men are in a state of chastity unless they have a woman in their life. When I am in chastity she is able to keep it so that I can only have her when she allows it. Much like when I would court women and bring them gifts, gold, diamonds, furs, flowers etc. during my dating days.

My chastity is my desire for her. If she will not let me offer her my cum I find myself crawling at her feet and kissing at her feet and also on the ground that she already walked on.

I'll do dishes, I'll cook, I'll clean, I'll do anything to be allowed to give her my cum. It is the greatest pleasure in the world to be allowed to give her my cum. I am humbled by how beautiful and powerful she is when I have her in my life but can not have her at the same time. It is like we are constantly dating and I am in a constant state of courtship. I love to court her and I love that she owns my penis. It is hers to lead me by and leash.