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    3 years ago

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ruined Good

We had a little time alone this afternoon.  I was in the mood to tease him and give him a ruined orgasm.  I started by kissing him and twisting and pinching his nipples until he yelped in the hall.  Then I took him to the bedroom for a little more torment.  This is what he looked like as we got to the bedroom:
As you can see, the cage was doing its job while his body had other ideas. 

In the bedroom, I took out the massager - the one meant to loosen a tight back.  It is strong.  I proceeded to massage above and below the cage pressing hard.  He was struggling with the feelings.  He could feel good but he wasn't able to orgasm.  The area above the cage got rubbed raw and he started to struggle with the cage and begged me to let him out.  As that is what I wanted, him to beg like that, I agreed.  Here is a pic of this:

It's not the best picture but thos are red spots above the cage where the skin is raw.  The balls looked more purple than this photo shows.  Anyhow, the problem was that I couldn't find the key.  I really couldn't find it.  About 15 minutes later I located it.

By the way, this is a picture he took in the dark of me using the massager on him.  You really can't see much but it is a bit artsy so here you go:

Once the cage was off, I took him in my mouth for a minute.  He was on edge immediately.  I then kept only the tip of my tongue on the underside pushing it up toward him.  That was all it took and he started to orgasm.  Of course, I stepped away a few seconds before he started - not a far away from an orgasm as I usually do.  And with that, he fought it but was overtaken by the sensations and had a few contractions.  He wanted more touching but I think this was enough. 

For tonight, I'm letting him stay out of the cage as I probably stressed that area a bit too much while in the cage. 

With that, the day was over and I saw this beautiful sunset. 


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh... wonderful! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Good work!

bdenied said...

well that got me hard too just thinking about the tease

Anonymous said...

Great tease! But , wow, is he small. I fill my CB 6000 right to the pee slit, and have to use larger pins. And I think I'm small. He doesn't fill 1/2 of the tube erect!!!

Her_Sub_eleven said...

Wow, That is incredibly hot! He is one lucky sub to have someone like you!

Mistress Ivey said...

As one who is a 'normal' wife who is also my husband's Mistress, I love your blog! I added you to the favorites on my blog.

Mistress Asia's Pet said...

love Your blog too....Mistress Asia and i both follow now. i was wondering if the ruined orgasm counts in terms of re-setting the clock?