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    2 years ago

Friday, January 28, 2011

End of Week Update

I just noticed that the week is over and I haven't been out of the house.  With a sick kid, there really hasn't been any opportunity.  Fortunately, she pretty much healthy now.  My husband won't be working this weekend so I will get some time out and about finally.

While he started his diet, I held off on mine.  I was still getting over a cold and wanted to clear out a few things in the refrigerator.  I'm starting on Sunday.  My goal is 20 pounds in 30 days and then a more modest weight loss plan.  Looking at my husband's progress in four days, he lost 5 1/2 pounds already.  A suit he bought two weeks ago is not too big.  This hCG approach really makes a difference when you follow it exactly.

What else?  I will think about things and come up with a more erotic post later.  After a week inside like this, I need to get out to clear the head.  Looking at the poll results so far, I am impressed almost 95% feel sub men should consume their orgasms.  About 2/3rds think it should be all the time.  I'm curious if there are any men that read this that consume every last drop.    It seems a bit extreme but I understand what you are thinking.


lockingandnursing said...

K and I enjoy our chastity play however, we do not consider it a D/S relationship. I never eat my cum and never eat her pussy after coming. Our MC is all about keeping all my orgasms to be shared with K, with some teasing too. Ours is not so much about denial and domination. To each their own, eh?


Hawk said...

Depending on where it ends up (usually a martini glass or her feet) I'm responsible for every drop, every the best of my ability.

HORNYHUB said...

I am only allowed to cum after maybe 2 months, more likely closer to 3 months. The added time is put on for punishment ("poor cleaning of my bathroom, 2 more weeks', or "I don't like your attitude today, 1 more week added"). When my wife allows me the priviledge of cumming and I am allowed to enter her, most of the time she tells me that I must pull it out before cumming and shoot into a plastic cup. I must consume that right afterwards. If I am allowed to cum in her, then she will sit on my face and I must clean her. She says, "you caused the mess, why should I deal with it".

KeyholderWife said...

I'm more like lockingandnursing. I might try going deeper for a bit as so many people recommend it.