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    2 years ago

Monday, January 17, 2011


Not much going on here today.  I am feeling under the weather with a head cold while my husband is uncaged and recovering from the play on Saturday.  I've told him that he needs to be back in the cage tomorrow as he will not be home and will need to be locked up again.  I think he will be healed enough to be able to live in the cage again.  He seems to be hesitating but this is my decision not his.  A few people reminded me that I should have had him consume his own orgasm.  I didn't even think of it.  That might have kept him from releasing as much as he did.  Next time.

As I start feeling better, we will start looking at a few toys to add to the collection.  One has to be so that I can fuck him.  Not sure what else. 


Anonymous said...

Goddess, i just want to say i hope you feel better and per ur comment about forced cum eating in ur newest blog entry, i'd like to offer feedback from my experiences which is: knowing i'm going to have to consume my "man yogurt" after cumming most certainly decrease much of the enjoyment of being allowed to cum. I've actually dried heaved and disliked cum eating (or use as chapstick, cum in boxers, allow to dry then forced to wear or lick clean) that i actually begged a few times not to be forced to cum which clearly is a terrible decision for a male subbie to be in but i assume very enjoyable/entertaining for the female in control. that's all and look forward to speaking with you soon

DK's slave said...

You most definitely have to make him eat his own cum. He has to clean up his mess. I have a rule that I have to eat my cum or I don't get to cum. He will either love it right off the bat or acquire a taste for it. I never understood how my wife could swallow, now I swallow every drop that I can get my mouth on whthere its my own, my Master's or a nice creampie in my Mistress.

HERsubmissivehusband said...

i hope you feel better as Queen allows for me to orgasm quite often...but the deal has been since She took charge of our marriage...that it was now Her penis...and Her balls...and what She allowed out...She wants back in...thus...i am made to consume my every orgasm...every exceptions...She gets what She wants!