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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Remember Wax Play and a Homemade Torture Rack

So today we went to a Ba't Mitzvah and then had a few people over afterwards.  Not much sexy to that other than one man rubbing his clearly dominant girlfriends feet the whole time and my guy burning a CD or five for my friends to take home with them.  Everyone was still dressed up except for my guy who was wearing silky track pants and a loose sweat shirt.

While I am waiting to do something post-worthy, I might as well share with you something we did when we were dating quite a long time ago:

One time he made me one of those medieval stretchers - the ones where they would pull peoples limbs apart.  Seeing how he made it, it was so easy.  First, his feet were in ankle cuffs attached to an O-hook at one end of the room on the floor.  The hands were in wrist cuffs that were attached to a broom handle through holes drilled in them (broom handle, not his wrists).  He made it so that he could clutch the pole so that I didn't by mistake hurt his wrists.  The broom handle was attached to something that clicks tighter and tighter that was attached to another hook on the other side of the room.  With the flip of a little switch, it would release all tension.  With a simple click, it would tighten.  I think it is one of those things that tighten covers on boats.

Once I had him completely stretched, I teased him for a while getting him super horny and hard.  I think I might have sat on his cock for a little bit.  As it was a hard wood floor, this was not the best position to use him in that way (too hard on my knees).  I got off and teased him some more.  If he was able to move his hips, I would click it tighter until he just couldn't move.  Then I got out a candle and started dripping wax all over his sex.  A few times the wax was too hot and it burned him.  Those times there was a little movement but almost none considering what I just did.  I did this until his cock and balls were 100% covered in wax.  While doing this, I dripped it up and down his stomach to his nipples.  Where he was dealing with the very hot wax at the start, after a while, he was so covered in wax, he was much calmer although his cock stayed hard.

At this point, his joints in his shoulders started to hurt badly.  I suppose today I would keep him in it for a while to see if he could get his mind around the pain.  Then, it seemed like 30 minutes stretched was enough.  We took off the wax and found that he was ultra-sensitive for everything that followed.

I remember his mother visiting the house and wondering why the rings were screwed into the floor.  As we had just bought the house a few months earlier, we said that we had no idea and that they had probably been there when we bought the house and then asked her what she thought they were for.  She had no idea.

I will write a few more of these on days where nothing is going on.  I hope you like them.  This is one I might need to do again.  Next time, I think it is a backyard thing, don't you?

Also, I'm looking around the internet and there are just no good pictures of a hard male cock covered in wax or a man being stretched while naked.  The combination totally doesn't exist.  Anyhow, another thing I have to add to my to do list.

Here is one of my favorite songs by Roisin Murphy when she was still in Moloko:


bdenied said...

great post...must have been fun for both of you and yes by all means keep this type of posting up.

Hawk said...

I was lucky enough to be stretched on an actual midieval rack once. It was devine :-) I really enjoy your blog!

JBT said...

Your posts are really the gold standard of all of the WLM blogs out there. You are so open minded, your husband should be on his knees every day thanking you for being so dominant to him. I have no complaints with my wife, she is also really into WLM, orgasm restriction, T and D, punishments (for my bad behavior), and showing her dominant side over me every day. We are lucky men. As they say, "the round peg in the round hole, perfect match".