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    2 years ago

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Random Bits

Thanks to those who wished me well and to get better quickly.  I still have a chest cough but other than that, I am feeling better, thank you. 

I told my husband to write up my post tonight.  I told him to tell everyone about how I lick his ass to which he said that I do not.  I then told him he blushed to which he said he didn't but the conversation was uncomfortable as we don't do that and it is made up.  I then asked him if he was uncomfortable because he does or wants to do something that he isn't telling me.  He said no, that it was just the idea of writing a fake post.  I wonder though, do you think he really wants something or has gotten something?

What else?  I'm waiting for the supplements that we will need when we start our diets in a few days.  I think it will be starting on Sunday.  Also, he is still out of the cage as the cut is taking longer to heal than I thought.  Tomorrow he may go back in.  We will see. 

I don't know if I said this but many told me that he should have been consuming his orgasm.  You are right.  It had been so long since he had even the ruined ones that I forgot.  I doubt that he was going to remind me either.  It is funny but you men think it is a cool idea when you are horny but after you orgasm it is gross.  Yet you expect your woman to want to swallow it.  I have an idea, why don't you consume it for the next few orgasms and tell me how it was.  I'd prefer to hear from those who have never done that before.

That's it for tonight.  I might tell you a bit of my past next post.  While you have our present, some of the history isn't here.

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Anonymous said...

My lover/domme used the term recycling last night after she sat on my face after we made love and I had had an orgasm. I don't think she knows the term as you are using it. She just meant recycling, as in using something over again. I sort of chuckled. I am expected to clean her any time I am allowed to orgasm inside her. She loves both, and I have had only one or two non-penetrative orgasms in a year as she does not do hand jobs or blow jobs. I've gotten used to doing it and actually relish it because it's very intimate and it's an act of service - cleaning up my mess so to speak. I guess I don't think it necessarily has to be the sub's choice, but every couple is different. In our case, it is something I suggested. She enjoyed it, and made it her kink and requirement.